Geropsychology Specialist in Delaware

GeropsychologyFor many seniors, there may be a stigma attached to seeing a therapist. I want you to know that therapy is for normal people who are having a rough time.   Although change and loss are present throughout our lives, for many older adults, loss becomes a more common theme. Seniors may be more frequently faced with mortality, the loss of loved ones, and acute and chronic health problems. The blissful retirement that was envisioned may be replaced by illness, care-giving, or loneliness.

Under this pressure, vitality can give way to feelings of sadness, anxiety, and hopelessness.  Your self-esteem may take a hit, you may feel helpless, and perhaps you just don’t enjoy life the way you once did.  Or you may find yourself worrying so much that it interferes with your relationships or other areas of your life.

Whether your struggle is new, or you have dealt with difficult emotions throughout your life, there is hope, and there is help.  Working with me, you will find warmth, caring, empathy, support, and expertise to help you feel better.    I am a specialist in Geropsychology. Geropsychology is the field of psychology that focuses on the psychological, behavioral, social, and biological concerns that are pertinent to older adults.   If you’re struggling, give me a call.   We can talk about whether or not psychotherapy is right for you.


Carol Graham Shekhar, Ph.D.

Geropsychology Specialist

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